Scramble with Cheese 

Dig into a Tasty Combo 
of Cheese, Fresh Scrambled Eggs 
Tomato and Spinach on the Yummiest Whole Grain Healthbread

Avocado on Toast

Strengthens the Immune System,

When people think of compounds that contain plenty of vitamin C, the first thing they think of is reaching for the oranges or blueberries – but there are many other things that you can include in your diet that include even more vitamin C than the options you would normally

Peanuts gone Bananas 

Enjoy whole grain health bread toast with smooth peanut butter topped with fresh sliced banana, drizzled w honey.

Strawberry Fields

Perfectly toasted bagel with generous spread of silky strawberry cream cheese

Cinnamon Honey 

Lightly toasted to perfection bagel topped with melting delight of cinnamon and honey cream cheese

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Health Bar Cafe 

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